‘What’s it like being a twin?’ Brodie asks, tired of listening to the talk of travel. Reece and Ed look at each other, attempting to give the same answer. They open their mouths at the same time.

‘Magic,’ Ed says.

‘Overrated,’ says Reece.

They look at each other again, this time with entirely different expressions.

‘Well done, Brodie…’ John mutters. Brodie almost smiles.

‘I’m sorry. Forget I asked.’

‘No, it’s okay,’ Ed says, looking martyred. ‘We can have separate opinions, we’re separate people. I mean, I’m obviously the brains of the operation.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ says Reece. He rolls his eyes at Brodie. ‘But I make up for the stupidity with quick wit and general good looks.’

‘Good looks!’ Ed snorts scornfully. They bicker on. Lilly catches Brodie’s eye.

‘Do you think we should tell them they look exactly the same?’ she whispers.


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